Mount Owen

Collection of links that I find useful, especially relevant for conducting data analysis in New Zealand.


QGIS - Powerful, open-source, GIS software.
qgis2web - QGIS package to automatically build leaflet and openlayers webmaps.
Leaflet - Javascript library to create powerful, fast interactive webmaps.


R - THE statistical programming language.
R Studio - Powerful and productive user interface to R.
tidyverse - Hadley Wickham’s universe of R packages for data manipulation and visualisation.
Shiny - Create interactive R applications for web deployment.
Clifro - Package to query the National Climate database directly from R.


Koordinates - Host of plethora of spatial data.
MfE data service - Ministry for the Environment’s data service.
LINZ data service - Land Information New Zealand’s data service.
Cliflo - New Zealand’s National Climate Database.