NZ whitewater rivers

Whitewater NZ’s River guide is a fantastic, widely used resource for whitewater recreationalists to source necessary river beta and for discovering new runs. However this database currently lacks spatial information, which makes it difficult for users to plan trips. After first georeferencing all 300 whitewater sections in the River Guide database in QGIS, I used R and the package ‘leaflet’ to create this map.

Wilderness Areas

DOC makes available the digital boundaries of every type of conservation land it manages, other than ‘Wilderness Areas’ (as defined by Section 20 of the Conservation Act 1987). However, the boundaries of Wilderness Areas are arguably the most important to be well defined and disseminated as legislation regarding aerial access (especially important for hunters, climbers and kayakers) is the most strict of any designation of conservation land.

FWF Kea sightings

The Kea Conservation Trust teamed up with the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation to uniquely gather kea sightings (and absences!) from hunters engaged in the Fiordland Wapiti Ballot. This represents a fantastic dataset as Fiordland has traditionally been a difficult / expensive place to survey, absences are reported, and it is hoped that this will become a long-term dataset with hunters returning year-after-year to the same hunting blocks.

Other maps

Fiordland wapiti hunting blocks - The Fiordland Wapiti Foundation (FWF) manages the ballot process for hunters wishing to gain a wapiti hunting block. However, the block boundaries are currently only defined with static pdf topo maps. This interactive map has many advantages for hunters planning a trip; such as being able to see the wilderness area boundaries (restricted aerial access), being able to choose different basemaps, zoom/pan, etc.

NIWA weather stations map - NIWA’s national climate database, Cliflo, holds observations from >6500 weather stations, for various periods from 1850 onwards. This map displays the neccessary information to choose and select an appropriate station to query from the Clifo databse.

Remote Huts (Permolat trust) - The Permolat Trust maintains a series of remote huts (bivvies) throughtout the West Coast of NZ. These huts were unmaintained, or poorly maintained, and under potential threat of removal by the Department of Conservation (DOC). The remote huts website’s map was broken, and previously the tracks and huts displayed on two separate maps.

DOC Huts - A simple map of all the Department of Conservation huts throughout New Zealand. As created in my tutorial on producing maps in R.